US Bank Account with Paypal Debit Card for NONE US Resident

Your money is available as soon as it is deposited to your US bank account.

There is no risk of a paper check getting lost or stolen and direct deposited to your account.

Fewer Fees
Pay no check-cashing or reload fees for the checks you have direct deposited to your account.

Direct Deposit
Get your paycheck or government payments automatically deposited to your account at no additional cost.

Shipping Worldwide
You dont need to have US Physical Address to receive this card, we will ship to you directly.

Account Panel
You will receive full login information for checking account balances.

Free Virtual Credit Cards
Create your own virtual credit cards for your safe online shopping and load any amount you want.


Processing Time
Processing Time 10-15 days
Delivery: 7-10 days

Tracking # Available once the card is shipped to you.

Payment Guarantee
Full Refund will be issued upon unsuccessful delivery after 30-45 days from time of payment.

Plan fee (Signature and PIN purchase Transactions Included) $ 4.95 Monthly
Domestic ATM Cash
Withdrawal Fee**
$ 1.95 each
Balance inquiry fee at an ATM $ .50 each
Balance Inquiry Fee - online
via toll-free telephone call,
or real-time alerts.
No fee is no affiliated to paypal nor the bank issuer itself, so buy at your convenience.